EXAMPLE and DJ WIRE Mallorca Rocks Hotel 2012

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EXAMPLE and DJ WIRE Mallorca Rocks Hotel 2012

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EXAMPLE and DJ WIRE Mallorca Rocks Hotel

Example And DJ Wire

Example is the next big thing in Britrap. DJ Wire is the next big thing in Drum and Bass. Together, these two are unstoppable.

Born Elliot Gleave, Example, who came into the spotlight with songs Kickstart and Won’t Go Quietly, likes to make dance music while staying true to his roots by throwing rap in the mix.

Writing his music to suit no less than 12,000 party people throwing their hands up and singing along, Example aims high and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Example’s third album ‘Playing In The Shadows’ scored him his first Official UK Album Chart No.1 this year. As well as releasing an LP, Example has spent his time this year touring the UK (including a killer set at Glastonbury), Australia and looking into a US tour.

DJ Wire, born Samuel Wire, has joined Example on many a tour, as well as having played shows with the likes of Knife Party and Nero.

The Example & DJ Wire set is about energy and diversity - representing contemporary culture's iPod generation, embracing multi-genre parties and of course putting on a great show for fans that make the atmosphere incredible.

Rhythm and Vines fans would do well to take a deep breath before raging to these two – if their past shows are anything to go by, there’ll be a struggle to be the Last Ones Standing.

Check out the Example and DJ Wire Not So Pretty remix, along with the Ministry of Sound album they put together called Example and DJ Wire present: The Playlist.

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